World’s Ultimate Strongman to release first ever, non-fungible tokens as digital collectibles

Dubai-based, global sport event company, CoreSports has announced that it will be diversifying to be the first-ever company to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the Strongman sport, under its World’s Ultimate Strongman brand.

A true milestone for the sport, World’s Ultimate Strongman will be releasing the limited-edition first prints of the cards, further proving the pioneering and forward-thinking nature of both the much-loved sport and CoreSports.

NFTs are the digital answer to collectables, they are completely unique and can’t be replaced. NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain, providing “certificates” of ownership for the virtual assets. Already extremely popular in the digital sphere, the likes of musician Grimes and Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey have sold NFTs for millions of dollars.

Bridging the gap between technology and the Strongman sport, the NFTs will appeal to a brand-new, younger audience, elevating the GCC-born World’s Ultimate Strongman event globally. Just like baseball cards, these virtual cards will increase with value due to their limited availability and will be available to be swapped, sold or traded.

Zeynep Zarbun from Arslan Visuals, technology partner of CoreSports, said: “We are extremely excited to bring this innovative technological offering to the world. We will be, for the first time, creating this crossover to appeal to a younger, more tech-oriented audience to Strongman.

“In today’s crypto-currency strong society, technology such as NFTs has never been more predominant and it’s imperative that we bring the trend to the Strongman world.”