TCS joins hands with ITE to nurture Singapore’s digital talent

Tata Consultancy Services announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore to provide work experience and training opportunities for ITE staff and students aimed at developing and nurturing digitally-enabled skills and talent.

The partnership agreement comes on the back of key findings from the 2021 World Economic Forum where many countries highlighted the need for governments and companies to equip citizens and employees with the relevant skills, as the world powers towards a digital future in a post-Covid-19 pandemic era.

The collaboration will provide internships, training and learning opportunities for ITE staff and students through established TCS initiatives such as the goIT program that is geared towards helping young people acquire the right skills to become digital innovators capable of solving real-world problems through design thinking and technology. TCS and ITE will initiate and explore new areas of collaboration, through joint events and projects through the TCS Digital Garage with the aim of enhancing the technical competency of ITE staff and students.

TCS will also engage and involve ITE students holistically in community care solutions for senior citizens, such as the Senior Lab student volunteer program and the SHINE Seniors and provide training related to Internet of Things and other digital skills.

Low Khah Gek, Chief Executive Officer, ITE said, “We are delighted to welcome TCS onboard as one of our industry partners and look forward to working together to enable staff and students of ITE to keep abreast of new jobs and skills demand in Singapore. This way, we can jointly build the future talent pipeline and bring everyone forward together into the future.”

“We hope that through this partnership with ITE, we can collaborate closely to leverage our expertise and knowledge in innovation and digital technology to create a better and more sustainable world for everyone, and in particular, our youths who hold the key to a brighter future for Singapore,” said Ameet Nivsarkar, Country Head, TCS Singapore.