Sany Bharat expands presence in India

Sany Bharat, a manufacturer of construction equipment, heavy machinery and renewable energy solutions is expanding its presence in the country and adding success to 20-year journey. The latest development in the growth trajectory is the opening of new 4S dealership office in Vijayapura – Karnataka and Chennai along with the inauguration of a 3S branch office in Tirupati.

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Rayalaseema markets, like the rest of India is witnessing a growing demand for Sany construction equipments and the newly inaugurated dealerships are poised to make inroads into untapped markets and gain potential customers. Situated in prime locations, the swanky 4s model offices in Vijayapura and Chennai adopts a full-service approach that brings together sales, service, spare parts and stocking to provide the best retail experience to their customers.

On the other hand, the 3S branch in Tirupati will aim to fortify Sany’s number one position in the region and establish a crucial link between customers and company. As Sany Bharat continues to surge ahead on the path of innovation, be it in manufacturing best-in-class equipments or customer care, the company stands tall today in terms of market position, equipment sales and dealership growth.

Speaking on the occasion, Dheeraj Panda, Chief Operating Officer – Sales, Marketing and Customer Support, Sany Heavy Industry India said, “It’s not just about offering world class equipments to our customers, Sany Bharat provides the world class retail experience that helps to serve our customers across the product’s life cycle in the most effective way. We firmly believe that the newly inaugurated modern day dealership offices in these key cities will enhance scalability options and expand our footprint by reaching potential customers.”

Speaking about the company’s success, he further said, “Quality changes the world is a mission that is omnipresent from the manufacturing stage till our products reach the end users and beyond. The stupendous success of our 20 years journey in India can probably be attributed to this fact. Moving ahead, we are confident of continuing our winning streak and eagerly look forward to the enduring support of our employees, dealers and customers alike.”