QBrainX future-proof global businesses with digital transformation

QBrainX was founded on a simple yet challenging mission: to establish dominance in digital transformation. As of 2022, we see almost every aspect of businesses undergoing irreversible digitisation. There’s a dire need for organisations to embed technology at the core of their business processes.

With a seamless amalgamation of technology and business, organisations can then boost customer experience, increase operational efficiency and unlock new values for their future. Naturally, this prompts organisations across domains to look for experts to help transition from traditional methods to forward-thinking, future-proof solutions that solidify them as market leaders in their respective industries.

Founded in April 2018 by industry leaders with solid backgrounds, QBrainX is on its mission to provide expertise to clients through creative and innovative methods. They empower businesses by providing assessment, consultation, and IT services to solve specific client problems. Some of the services provided by QBrainX are ServiceNow, ITSM, Scala application development, Salesforce consulting, and data solutions among many others. QBrainX was blessed to serve clients across industries such as IT Services, Healthcare, Telecommunication, FMCG, Logistics, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, BFSI, etc. With each client, they never failed to follow unique approaches and methodologies to make a business impact – something that worked really well for them.

It’s safe to say QBrainX is here to stay as they digitise workflows to automate business operations for their global clients.

Lakshman Dhasarathan, Founder and CEO said, “With almost 20 years of experience in technology, Lakshman is a well-rounded tech leader with expertise in data, analytics, algorithms, tech architecture, and data storytelling. Having worked with companies such as Cognizant and IBM, his colleagues often found him to be committed and diligent in his work. Lakshman was not just an excellent individual performer but also a dedicated team player who worked well with management, peers, and business partners. With an accumulation of profound knowledge, skills, and most importantly, exposure to solving complex technical issues, Lakshman translated his passion for problem-solving into QBrainX.”

Lakshman’s idea for QBrainX started with one question, “How to build a business-friendly ecosystem?”. The answer to this question was digital transformation. If designing systems and building solutions is one part of the problem, showing the importance of digital transformation to clients is another part. Hence QBrainX focuses its efforts on providing exceptional consultation services.

With Lakshman’s background in using hard and soft skills to build tech solutions, QBrainX came as a natural transition to help clients open up new business opportunities using digital transformation. It’s almost as if Lakshman spent his entire career preparing himself to build QBrainX. An incredible story, a true feat!

Rajkumar Selvam, Co-founder and CTO said, “With almost 20 years of experience in technology, Rajkumar started his tenure by being a talented QA analyst satisfying clients’ requirements at the organisation he was working with. He was specifically known to be a dedicated team player who wasn’t afraid of ambiguous and unfamiliar tasks. A true go-getter and an optimistic personality, Rajkumar is the sort of person every high-caliber high-demanding team needs – somebody who rolls up their sleeves and gets things done.”

Rajkumar then transitioned into a delivery and project management job role where he was responsible for driving complex IT solutions. He undertook and successfully delivered end-to-end digital initiative projects while collaborating with cross-functional and cross-organisational teams. Having managed technical program managers, project managers, and solution architects, this is truly where Rajkumar polished his tech and soft skills.

He used analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and empathy first interpersonal skills to be successful in highly complex initiatives. Having worked with Fortune 100 customers and experience in scaling multi-million dollars of business from zero, Rajkumar is a powerhouse of talent when it comes to digital transformation and engagement management.

Hence it’s no surprise that today at QBrainX, Rajkumar is the Chief Technology Officer responsible for global delivery, sales, and marketing. A true visionary, he believes in constant evolution. Among his team at QBrainX, Rajkumar is known to be a good mentor, motivator, strategist, and philosopher.