NSTR series racks from NetRack strengthens 5G telecom infrastructure

The concept of 5G – a change in the wireless network, revolutionised communication networks and brought real-time speed and reliability to its users. This is a massive and critical step for telecommunication companies toward digital transformation.

Positive change

The offering of 5G is much more than just an upgraded replacement for 4G LTE since it, in a way, evolved and improved the modern communication system. This has, in turn, led to the improvement of infrastructure to host such a change with flexibility and scalability.

The following are the changes commonly observed with the advent of 5G.

  • High-speed internet
  • Reduced latency
  • Energy saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved coverage

However, what’s noteworthy is the implication of 5G power in the telecom industries. Its ultra-lean design played a significant role in decreasing network energy consumption compared to 4G LTE or the ones before that. The objective of telecommunication companies is to optimise energy usage with a combined deployment of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G so that a good load-dependency can be established between served traffic and the energy consumed. This is an essential aspect of high-performance networks and low energy consumption. So, the concern looms large if 5G genuinely consumes less power than the ones before that, even with the traffic growing exponentially. Considering the traffic patterns and the power consumption in the 5G network, one cannot ignore its standard of signal synchronisation and bandwidth.

Durable server rack solutions

Bearing in mind the importance of the impact of the 5G network, any downtime in the infrastructure can cost the telecommunication companies heavily. Hence an efficient telecom rack is a necessity. The server and network rack solutions are robust and made up of steel sheets to ensure the enhanced capability of the equipment and wiring that help run the 5G network.

To cater to this growing market of server racks, NetRack designed the NSTR series. These are racks of various configurations that telecommunication companies can use. These racks have a vented top cover with a fan installed. Also, it has a perforated metal door and plain side panels with a lock and critical facility.

Benefits of NSTR series

  1. Confirms to ETSI-21 Standard
  2. 600, 700, and 800 width configurations are available
  3. 100% assured compatibility
  4. Integrated with cable management 50mm, 100mm, and 150mm
  5. Powdered coated for durability and smooth finish
  6. Inbuilt grounding and bonding options
  7. Mount fan module for ventilation and airflow management
  8. Glass or perforated front door
  9. Locking features
  10. Inbuilt vertical cable organic er

Along with the benefits of the NSTR series come the accessories that make the setup robust and sustainable.

Additions of NSTR series

  1. Cable Basket
  2. Angle Pair
  3. Ganging Kit
  4. Fixed Shelf
  5. Cantilever Shelf
  6. Sliding Shelf
  7. Keyboard Shelf
  8. Power Distribution Units
  9. Cable Organisers
  10. Fans and Fan Modules
  11. Rack Ground Kit
  12. Plinth
  13. Casters
  14. Levellers
  15. Rack Stabilizing Kit