LexisNexis Risk Solutions hosts LexisNexis ThreatMetrix solution in India based datacentre

LexisNexis Risk Solutions announced the launch of its first data center in India, providing advanced data protection by keeping information locally. It is the first step in expanding the company’s data center footprint in Asia Pacific and will serve customers in India exclusively.

The use of smartphones and apps is skyrocketing in India, expected to become a $1 trillion digital economy by 2025, according to India’s Ministry of External Affairs. The Reserve Bank of India indicates that India’s digital economy grew 2.4 times faster than the country’s economy overall between 2014 and 2019, playing a key role in the nation’s growth.

The new data center will support the rapid rise in demand for data and help Indian and multinational companies doing business locally through access to LexisNexis ThreatMetrix, an enterprise solution for digital identity intelligence and authentication, as well as advanced behavioral biometrics technology with LexisNexis BehavioSec.

The launch brings the global capabilities of LexisNexis Risk Solutions to India, enabling customers to detect and block fraud in near real-time while building trust with genuine end users. By layering behavioral biometrics with local digital identity intelligence, as well as global insights from the LexisNexis Digital Identity Network, customers gain additional risk signals across account openings, logins and payments.

“India is an important market for us. We are pleased to offer our customers anti-fraud and identity verification solutions they need to meet their complex fraud prevention needs,” said Stephen Topliss, vice president, fraud and identity, LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions leverages a cloud platform to provide customers with strong data security that meets specific data residency and compliance requirements. The platform holds a number of compliance certifications, including ISO 27001, CSA certification and HIPAA.

“Companies are using the power of data to capture valuable insights, transform experiences, drive revenue growth and reduce risk. However, it also means businesses share a greater responsibility to protect customer data and ensure privacy with a reliable infrastructure in the digital ecosystem. Launching the data center has demonstrated our commitment to helping Indian businesses keep pace and thrive in an ever-changing regulatory environment,” said Topliss.