Kenneth Chiew moves from Aiken Group to social commerce arm Velocity 678 as General Manager

Kenneth Chiew, General Manager of Velocity 678.

Velocity 678, a joint partnership between Momentum Commerce, SnT Global Logistics, and Aiken Group, is proud to announce its appointment of Kenneth Chiew as General Manager. Based in Singapore and Malaysia, V678 is an enabler in Southeast Asia, offering end-to-end live commerce solutions such as live streaming, short video content production, social media operation, strategy planning, TikTok shop management, campaign optimization, ecommerce operations, and influencer marketing.

As Aiken Group’s Social Commerce arm, V678 is also a notable TikTok Shop Partner and Multi-Channel Network in the region, aiming to drive brand awareness and added value for social commerce.

As General Manager, Kenneth will report to Joseph Chua, CEO of Aiken Group and will lead V678 to drive transformational growth and commercial revenue for brands. He will spearhead strategic relationships with key players in the live commerce space and will build a coherent strategy across all functional areas while ensuring smooth operations. Additionally, Kenneth will provide brands with insights to embrace innovations in the live commerce ecosystem.

Kenneth brings to the role a wealth of experience, having previously been the Business Director and General Manager of Aiken Group and an expert in commerce for five years at Unilever. He has a proven track record of helping brands build differentiated omnichannel commerce solutions.

Joseph Chua, CEO of Aiken Group said: “Kenneth is an experienced business leader well-versed in live commerce digital and multi-channel strategies. He has a proven track record in helping brands (across clients and agencies) build differentiated omnichannel commerce solutions. I believe he is the right fit to expand our live commerce portfolios and deliver clients’ customer promises.”

Kenneth Chiew, General Manager of Velocity 678 commented: “I am thrilled to join this new venture and work with the brightest minds in the commerce industry. We are witnessing the blooming of live commerce in recent years. With a pulse on emerging trends and deep market insights, I look forward to establishing Velocity 678 as a commerce-integrated agency which helps brands grow their commerce footprint in the market, translated to a personalized strategic approach.”

Velocity 678 has recently been appointed as the commerce agency for Farm Fresh, amplifying its presence in the social commerce space. V678 will harness the power of digital and data to drive commercial opportunities and accelerate customer acquisition by leveraging forward-thinking strategies.

Kenneth Chiew, General Manager of Velocity 678.
Kenneth Chiew, General Manager of Velocity 678.