IceWarp suggests CIOs to embrace concepts for enhancing productivity of their business

Riyaz Khan, Vice President – Operations, IceWarp India

In today’s technology era, smart organisations want to connect with clients and manage their business functions on emails. In order to avoid multiple toggling, IceWarp, a leading email and collaboration software company, recommends CIOs to look out for solutions that are compatible and bundled with all-in-one enterprise-grade feature. The all-in-one feature will allow companies to perform their major project or task with a single interface with no complication of switching between applications to accomplish standard tasks which will lead to an increase in IT productivity.

It takes quite a few clicks and several window tabs for any working professional to check their schedule, create online meetings, and share files with colleagues while juggling between a dozen apps during work. IceWarp urges the IT decision makers of enterprises to put an end to this unnecessary toggling and embrace the “All-in-One” concept.

With all-in-one concept, the email and collaboration suites developer essentially proposes one browser window for all the work and productivity tools such as email, conference calls, instant messaging, TeamChat, etc. which are used by almost every professional on a daily basis.

The positives of such a concept embedded in the email solution deployed by an enterprise are many. However, having access to a system’s every feature in one window which enables a much more comfortable and easier use, especially when compared to juggling between a dozen apps and windows, stands out as an advantage. A typical day at work consists of various activities and having a separate interface for each of those activities is quite impractical and time-consuming to operate.The best thing about the “All-In-One” concept is that with just one click, one can open a calendar or TeamChat directly from an email inbox. No special window or app needed.

While speaking about the product, Riyaz Khan, Vice President – Operations, IceWarp India said, “The All-In-One concept is designed to make the user feel in control when they sign in to a single app, from where they can manage their whole account: tasks, work, needs, fun, messages, emails, calendar, calls, TeamChat and documents. We believe in offering an affordable, seamlessly integrated, and easy-to-use communications solution to businesses of all sizes. We have created a solution that can also co-exist with other software as we strive to save our customer’s costs and aim to make a positive impact on their day-to-day business by covering all aspects of business collaboration and productivity from business-grade email to TeamChat with one window for all.”

Riyaz Khan, Vice President – Operations, IceWarp India
Riyaz Khan, Vice President – Operations, IceWarp India.