HKBN to provide eGG Optical Boutique with business fibre broadband, upgraded Wi-Fi

HKBN Enterprise Solutions announced a collaboration to provide its network infrastructure services to Optical 88 and eGG Optical Boutique’s entire line of around 80 stores. Services include ultra-reliable business fibre broadband, upgraded Wi-Fi network and telecommunications. This collaboration may include plan to encompass their branches in the Greater Bay Area and Asia Pacific region as pandemic-related travel restrictions are lifted.

HKBN operates an ultra-resilient tri-carrier network, with $1.5 billion co-invested by HKBN, NWT and WTT to deliver fast, stable and reliable service. Through this collaboration, the retail branches of Optical 88, eGG Optical Boutique will enjoy uninterrupted network recovery service powered by HKBNES’s dual broadband network solution.

Ben Cheng, Managing Director of Optical 88 Group said, “Unlike other legacy telecom service providers, HKBNES deeply understands the needs of the retail industry and provides best-fit service options in response to our requirements and long-term aspirations. Whether in Hong Kong or overseas, their dedicated teams always provide instant support, enabling us to upgrade and transform at ease with fewer technical troubles, and focus more on our business development and expansion. In the near future, HKBNES will provide comprehensive ICT solutions for us to further enhance business performance and may support our expansion of outlets in the Greater Bay Area and the Asia-Pacific region, including Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.”

Mikron Ng, HKBN Co-Owner and Chief Commercial Officer – Business Market & China Business, Enterprise Solutions said, “In today’s interconnected environments, uninterrupted network services are crucial to business operations. We are the only telecom operator in Hong Kong which runs a tri-carrier network that offer unmatched routing diversity and stability to ensure continuity for enterprises. As a trusted digital transformation partner, HKBNES also serves as an ICT consultant of Optical 88 Group, so they can better focus on harnessing potential business opportunities. “