HCLTech to explore quantum applications by leveraging Microsoft Azure

Noida-based IT services major HCLTech said it will explore quantum computing opportunities with enterprise organisations globally by leveraging the latest Microsoft Azure Quantum toolsets and support.

“HCLTech Q-Labs will inspire and educate its clients to explore and scale customer-ready deployments of quantum applications,” the company said.

HCLTech Q-Labs incubates early-stage research programs to progress capabilities towards industrial-scale quantum computing. It will be engaging with close to 1,000 employees around the world to leverage Azure Quantum resources such as Microsoft Learn, Katas, and workshop content to innovate quantum technologies and inspire its customers, HCLTech said.

As technology is rapidly advancing, training and upskilling new and existing workforces is a critical pillar in the development of a robust global quantum economy and is a key strategic priority for HCLTech and Microsoft.

“We believe that quantum technology has the power to transform the way we live, do business and solve society’s most significant challenges,” said Ajit Moodliar, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Microsoft Ecosystem Business Unit, HCLTech. “We are excited to leverage the Microsoft Azure Quantum toolsets and support to innovate, inspire and industrialise quantum technologies for our customers.”

HCLTech Q-Labs is now a part of the Azure Quantum Network, a dynamic ecosystem of quantum innovators and pioneers. It is also the recipient of an Azure Quantum Credits grant, enabling HCLTech Q-Labs to continue leading quantum hardware development to explore new algorithms, investigate use cases and experiment with world-class hardware platforms.

The HCLTech initiative is centered on Proof of Concept or POC development with customers that will help them identify applications for quantum technologies through the various experience zones that HCLTech Q-Labs will create. Through the new HCLTech Quantum Computing Services Briefing offering on Azure Marketplace, HCLTech is furthering quantum journeys for industrial entities by advancing their use cases based on extensive market research.

“HCLTech’s addition to the Microsoft Azure Quantum Network follows the impressive engagement we have achieved through HCLTech Q-Labs and our excitement around the potential of HCLTech’s approach for introducing enterprises to quantum computing foundations and applications explorable right now through Proof of Concept pilots,” said Linda Lauw, Senior Director, Microsoft Azure Quantum Planning and Partnerships.