Green Mountain Biotech, MeNow will use AI to develop skin cosmetics from Chinese plants

Green Mountain Biotech, a raw material company developing and supplying innovative multifunctional botanical ingredients to the skincare industry, and MeNow, an AI company focusing on understanding effects of candidate molecules in a computational model of the skin, announced the successful initiation of an ambitious and innovative project, aiming to identify new plant combinations targeted at skin conditions.

During this project, medicinal plants from the Chinese pharmacopeia selected by GMB scientists were automatically scanned using MeNow’s innovative patent-pending algorithms to predict their effects on different skin conditions. An additional innovative developed by MeNow was used to forecast the market potential of the medicinal plants. One of the most interesting outcomes was the ability to predict the combinations of individual herbs that may show enhanced therapeutic potency.

“The results shed new light into mechanisms of action leading to development of potent herbal treatments, offering new solutions for people suffering from life-impacting skin issues,” said Dr. Yonit Bomstein, Co-Founder and Head of R&D at GMB. “We are confident that we will be able to leverage the data generated in this amazing project to develop and introduce new lines of innovative and potent dermocosmetic products to the market.”

“This project marks the beginning of a new era in the world of cosmetics,” said Dr Hilla Ben-Hamo, Co-founder and CEO at MeNow. “No-one before has combined the latest innovation of deep-learning technologies with traditional medicinal plants to discover brand-new formulations and it is thrilling to be at the forefront.”