GEC Media Group announces BTX Roadshow Asia edition on 16th September 2022  

After two successful events BTX Saudi and BTX UAE, GEC Media Group, publishers of Business Transformation, Enterprise Channels MEA, The Titans, Cyber Sentinels and Infra Insights, announced the third and final leg of The BTX Roadshow and Transformation Awards Asia edition in New Delhi on 16th September 2022.

In December 2021, Gartner forecast that ICT spending, including communication and data centres, inside the Indian sub-continent would reach close to $102 Billion in 2022, an increase of more than 5% YoY, but much slower than the growth in 2021 of close to 11%.

The digital transformation trajectory that began as a pandemic response is here to stay for the next few years. India has experienced one of the fastest recoveries despite being one of the worst hit regions in the second wave of the pandemic in early 2021. In 2022, CIOs in India will build on renewed interest in technology from the business to gain funding for new IT projects, said a Gartner analyst.

Indian CIOs are likely to increase their spending towards projects that drive innovation and modernising legacy systems. Hiring a workforce that can deliver on these needs will also be a key priority. In 2022, this year, Indian CIOs are prioritising a move away from rigid and monolithic ways of doing business to a more composable business and IT architecture where they will be able to better respond to disruptions.

In 2022, all segments of IT spending in India are expected to grow, with software emerging as the highest growing segment.

The face-to-face event will start with the registration of all attendees and proceed with lunch and networking. BTX Top Transformation Awards will also announce the winners of the BTX Top Executive Awards; BTX Top Enterprise Awards; BTX Top Women; and BTX Top Solution Awards, as part of the BTX Road Show 2022 Asia edition.

Highlights of BTX Road Show 2022 Asia Edition:

  • Face to face session with attendees and networking
  • Select vendor transformation road maps for business decision-makers
  • Regional end users present transformation success stories
  • Panel discussion between vendors and end-users on experience sharing
  • Half-day hybrid event with C-suite conclave and awards

Agenda of BTX Road Show 2022 Asia Edition:

Time BTX ASIA Sessions
12:00 PM – 13:00 PM Registration and Lunch
13:00 PM – 13:15 PM Welcome Note by GEC Media
13:15 PM – 13:30 PM Opening speech by VIP
13:30 PM – 13:45 PM Invited keynote
13:45 PM – 14:00 PM Technology Keynote
14:00 PM – 14:15 PM Invited keynote
14:15 PM – 14:30 PM Technology Keynote
14:30 PM – 15:15 PM Panel Discussion: Best practices leveraging digital platforms to take Indian enterprises to next level of scale, quality, profitability
15:15 PM – 15:30 PM Invited keynote
15:30 PM – 15:45 PM Technology Keynote
15:45 PM – 16:15 PM All Women Panel Discussion
16:15 PM – 16:30 PM Invited keynote
16:30 PM – 16:45 PM Technology Keynote
16:45 PM – 17:00 PM Invited keynote
17:00 PM – 17:15 PM Technology Keynote
17:15 PM – 18:00 PM Panel Discussion: Disrupting Indian businesses and industries with large scale adoption of cloud, analytics, AI platforms
18:00 PM – 18:30 PM BTX Transformation Awards 2022 and Vote of Thanks
18:30 PM Onwards Networking evening and Group pictures

BTX Transformation Awards 2022 includes:

  • BTX Top Executives Awards 2022: This award recognises top executives who have accelerated digital and business transformation and created a better future for their business. They have empowered remote teams, managed change, flattened organisational structure, made it agile and secure, managed customer satisfaction, and implemented digital tools like cloud, analytics, data integration, amongst others.
  • BTX Top Enterprise Awards 2022: This award recognises enterprises that have embraced digital transformation and digital tools through the pandemic and achieved success in various areas. Such enterprises would have rebuilt customer experiences, managed customer expectations, leveraged online sales models, built forecasting models, have in-depth and ready analysis of market and demand trends, and built close collaboration and data sharing amongst teams, amongst others.
  • BTX Top Solution Awards 2022:This award recognises the leading, exemplary, heroic efforts by vendors, channel partners, integrators, consultants, to manage the challenges of the end user community through their transformation journey. This part of the IT industry has helped the end user community to successfully pivot their business models by using digital technologies and helped to create a sustainable business.
  • BTX Top Women Executives Awards 2022: This award recognises women who are driving business and digital transformation and setting a benchmark in diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Digital technologies and digital platforms are transforming and disrupting businesses and industries, opening up new employment opportunities and new job roles. With this, women can play inclusive and diverse roles in innovation, disruption, leadership in the technology and IT sectors.

Going forward into 2022, for enterprises, the meaning of business continuity, disaster recovery, collaboration, virtual meetings, remote workforce, cloud, security, have changed overnight from esoteric terms into everyday work life meanings, that have a direct impact on the existence of their business.

Across 2022, businesses are looking to build on the gains made during the pandemic. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital solutions and the cloud ahead by many multiples. Leaders driving transformation now need to build on the foundation of the last two years and take their enterprises to the next level of efficiency, agility, scalability, productivity and customer experience. All the while ensuring that their enterprises are secure to the highest level.

Similar to enterprises, consumers themselves have transformed and their expectations are increasingly digital. They now expect and reward through loyalty, seamless digital experiences and expect end to end fulfilment. Digital experiences for them need to be immersive, supported by rich content, personalised, and reliable.


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