Finding solutions is easy, adopting them is a challenge

Karen Khalaf, Associate Partner at Bain & Company.

An organisation such as Bain has always been an environment that truly fosters equal opportunities for women. It is one of the firm’s top priorities, and a lot of the leadership’s time is devoted to making this a reality. I personally have felt nothing but incredible support to thrive and succeed as a woman in what I do. At the same time, I have seen a remarkable shift in the compositions of the management teams of my clients, with a much higher share of women in top positions. While many leadership teams are still male-dominated, I feel we are really at a tipping point where there are all the pre-conditions to accelerate closing the gender gap.

Most challenging

Over the past years I have developed a keen appreciation of why it is hard to be a senior company executive or leader in government: finding solutions is the easy part, having organisations buy in to them, adopt and embrace them is the real challenge.

Most engaging

Few jobs offer the diverse exposure, opportunity to make real impact and steep learning of a consulting career. In only 7 years, I have had the opportunity to work with clients on more than 30 projects in different industries, topics and geographies, each time with different teams. This experience has given me a real sense of fulfilment.

Karen Khalaf, Associate Partner at Bain & Company

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