Cloud based HCM, ZingHR organises events across Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai

Prasad Rajappan, CEO, ZingHR.

Cloud-based HCM Platform, ZingHR in its endeavour to move into a New Era of Customer Experience, and carve out a unique position, organised three mega concurrent Pitstop events across Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. In the two days event, experts, and leaders of ZingHR tested live the real build of ‘Outcomation’ by understanding and resolving HR-tech requirements of 100+ enterprise customers across Retail, BFSI, Healthcare, Microfinance, Pharma, Manufacturing, Fintech sectors and several prospects simultaneously.

During the Pitstops, even the existing customers experienced a whole new universe of offerings that were not just cutting edge but were focused on driving Tangible Business Outcomes (TBO). HR leaders were excited with ‘Purpose v/s Means’ Framework and the ‘LEAN Methodology’ which they consider will be a great aid in their pursuit to create exponential benefits to various stakeholders including the Board, Senior Management, Employees and even extended ecosystem including Off-roll / Gig.

ZingHR demonstrated the HR-tech offerings enabling its customers to drive seamless digital workplaces such as Integrated Talent Management including Performance Management, OKR, BSC, Learning Management, Career Planning, Rewards, Surveys, Social, Zero-Touch Payroll, Org-360, multi-channel sourcing, Digital Onboarding, geo-fencing, Conversational AI, Blockchain and many more.

The objective was to feel and understand the barricades and deploy faster implementation, customer experience and product adoption. It was a total refreshing experience for the customers across the sectors.

“Our customers’ feedback has always helped us build fast and scalable HR-tech solutions. In the Pitstop events, we outreached and engaged with our customers to discuss their experiences with our solutions which led us to gather valuable insights about the current HR technology trends, re-think the requirements of the market and align our offerings accordingly. We’re committed to putting our customers first and constantly improving our products and services with their feedback to stay ahead of the curve and unlock new experiences for our customers,” said Prasad Rajappan, Founder & MD, ZingHR.

A whole new dimension of learning and relearning was created during these concurrent session of pitstops –  

Inputs from the event – HR Trends  

  • Today in the volatile environment wherein business is dynamic, Technology in disruptive and Employees are looking for high personalisation, the HR processes and practices calls for a sea change and rethink the traditional way of implementing HR Tech
  • Industry is looking for an integrated solution that can be deployed swiftly and embraced rapidly
  • HR teams wants to be hands-on with technology and keen to embrace emerging technologies provided they make business sense

Concerns that came out from the event – HR Trends  

  • Traditional RFPs and long drawn implementation cycles are failing to yield results
  • Lack of knowledge of industry practices with an overkill of technology is proving to be dangerous
  • Having multiple systems is creating a sub-optimal solution and experience apart from being costly

“Everyone sells software but with these pitstops, you proved that it is also imperative to bring benchmarking and helping customers to also come up the curve to answer the big questions ‘Why should we use, what are the outcomes?’ and overall defining the purpose of usage,” said, Head HR, A big healthcare chain

Customers were thrilled with the ‘Outcomation’ model that enhanced their ability to link HR Tech with real Boardroom priorities including EBIDTA margins, Productivity, ESG, Governance etc…  This shows that investing prudently in HR-tech solutions adds value to the company. For us at ZingHR 2023 is the year wherein we not only are expanding our footprints in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but also focusing on large enterprises in India, Prasad Rajappan, Founder & MD, ZingHR added.

Prasad Rajappan, CEO, ZingHR.
Prasad Rajappan, CEO, ZingHR.