ChemPartner elevates Dr Lilly Xu to President of Shanghai ChemPartner

Dr. Lilly Xu, President of Shanghai ChemPartner.

ChemPartner announced appointment of Lilly Xu, PhD as President of Shanghai ChemPartner. Dr Xu is a seasoned manager with a strong portfolio of success. She joined ChemPartner in 2017 to lead the strategic drug discovery services as Senior Vice President and Head of DMPK and Exploratory Toxicology. Prior to joining ChemPartner, Dr Xu held various positions in US biotech and pharmaceutical companies including Amgen and Sanofi US.

Additionally, she was the Head of the Center for Predictive ADMET at Sanofi US, and she holds a green belt in Lean 6 Sigma. Dr. Xu earned a PhD in molecular and cellular biology from Saint Louis University in St Louis, Missouri. During her time in academia, she pioneered the use of human and animal hepatocytes in drug metabolism and drug-drug interactions.

“We are confident Dr. Xu can leverage her deep knowledge of drug discovery and her proven organizational leadership experience to accelerate the growth of Shanghai ChemPartner,” said Xianwei Zeng, Board Chairman and CEO of ChemPartner.

Livia Legg, CCO at Shanghai ChemPartner and GM of ChemPartner Corporation and ChemPartner Europe added, “I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Xu over the past six years at ChemPartner. She is a talented and accomplished leader with high integrity. Dr. Xu deeply cares for her colleagues and clients, and her passion, commitment, and drive are evident.”

As a leading, global CRO and CDMO, ChemPartner provides integrated life science services for drug discovery and development with expertise in discovery chemistry, biology, pharmacology, DMPK, exploratory toxicology, biologics discovery and development, and biologics manufacturing. ChemPartner is uniquely positioned to not only be a CRO but a true biopharmaceutical alliance partner. The company’s mission is to provide the highest quality R&D services while helping customers advance their projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. ChemPartner is strategically aligned and dedicated to accomplishing the innovative research initiatives of pharma and biotech companies worldwide.

“I am excited to take on this new leadership role at ChemPartner and work closely with our highly experienced executive team to achieve our company’s vision and goals. My drug discovery and development operation experience combined with the team’s expertise provide ChemPartner’s global clients the skills and proficiency they want and need,” said Dr. Xu. “I am enthusiastic about the unique service offerings at ChemPartner as well as the potential for additional growth.”

Dr. Lilly Xu, President of Shanghai ChemPartner.
Dr Lilly Xu, President of Shanghai ChemPartner.