Bizverse joins Meta’s fourth accelerator programme

Bizverse joined TTC Labs by Meta fourth accelerator program. The program is a collaboration between Meta and the Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority and Personal Data Protection Commission. The program will focus on supporting startups including Bizverse further our understanding of data transparency and consent in metaverse technologies.

Bizverse is a technology company that offers answers to business problems by utilising the social networking model and the contactless economy platform’s technologies. Blockchain, Digital Twin, 3D Map, VR360, and VRFairs are just a few of the technologies that Bizverse World has successfully integrated into the digital transformation process for businesses in the global market.

No doubt about the popularity of Metaverse, that is the future of the Internet and it is just getting started. Many of the new standards and methodologies differ from the Internet as it currently exists, it is required collaboration among many large enterprises in the world to derive and popularise the perfect standards of the Metaverse world.

Metaverse, together with Blockchain, is designed to influence the direction of future technologies. Many businesses are applying this innovative tech to effectively accelerate their business.

“As part of this program Bizverse will join six other startups from the region and go through a cycle of discovery and product policy development on data use and metaverse-related apps and services. The accelerator program includes Design Jam workshops in Singapore, specialised mentoring in privacy and UX design from Meta and partners, direct feedback and interaction with the IMDA and leading AR/VR industry players from around the globe, and use of the PIXEL incubator space and labs. The Bizverse team will be excited to share our work and findings at the final event in March 2023” said Trinh Cong Duy, Founder of Bizverse.