Bhaskar Karampudi explains Why the Future of Learning Is Online

Learning has traditionally been an offline process. Everyone is accustomed to learning through books, guides, study material and notes taken during the classroom teaching sessions. However, the last 2 years have witnessed an unbelievable shift worldwide, in the way learning happens.

One of the important outcomes of the pandemic is the way everyone’s life has changed forever. Zoom meetings, online classes, digital commerce and work from home have become the new normal. Schools, colleges, and universities have seen learners attending classes online. Businesses, employers, and employees have realised the added comfort of managing things from home. To sum up, everything and everyone is online.

“A vast majority of learners today prefer enrolling in online courses,” said Bhaskar Karampudi, Co-founder and Director of B-CUBE. “The ease of access from anywhere in the world, self-paced learning mode, the convenience of rewatching and revising the video lessons and of course, the added benefit of choosing the timings at one’s own convenience is fuelling the growth of online learning!”

B-CUBE has predominantly been an offline training company and has conducted seminars as well as workshops in over 10 cities until February 2020. Within one week of the announcement of the lockdown, B-CUBE launched their first 100% online course through the brand name EVERSITY. Over the last 2 years, they have digitised majority of the courses and currently offer over 80 different online courses.

In a short span of just 30 months EVERSITY has been able to build a reputation for itself, offering self-paced video courses related to various topics including but not limited to Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Online Freelancing, Web Design, Affiliate Marketing and Teaching Online. Currently about 4400 learners from across the country access the courses online through the EVERSITY Web, Android, and iOS apps.

Bhaskar Karampudi says, “We have recently launched over 10 courses related to the stock markets and will soon be launching courses related to life skills, coaching, mentoring, as well as a suite of courses related to test preparation for various competitive exams.”

To spread the message of online learning and to encourage entrepreneurs to venture into the online learning space, B-CUBE has launched the Reseller Licensing model through which aspiring EDTECH entrepreneurs can resell EVERSITY’s highly in-demand courses on their own brand, without the hassle of creating their own courses.

Bhaskar Karampudi has been conducting a 1-day Workshop “Launch Your Own Online Business” to help individuals aspiring to become online entrepreneurs. The workshop trains participants on various online business avenues, and provides a step-by-step blueprint to launch and scale up a successful online business, particularly in the edtech space.

Bhaskar Karampudi, Co-Founder and Director of B-CUBE
Bhaskar Karampudi, Co-Founder and Director of B-CUBE.