Artifact Labs, HK Brand GOD to launch heritage NFTs for re-discovering Hong Kong

Artifact Labs, a web3 company on a mission to Preserve and Connect History on the blockchain, announced its partnership with Goods of Desire, a Hong Kong brand focused on cultural revival by reinterpreting traditions and creating entirely new products.

Launched in 1996, GOD is a renowned brand that captures the unique heritage of Hong Kong – a vibrant and energetic city where East meets West and age-old traditions meet cutting-edge technologies. Known for its innovative designs inspired by the distinctive aesthetic that characterizes the city’s culture, G.O.D. lifestyle goods are sought after by Hongkongers and international consumers alike.

In 2023, Artifact Labs and GOD will debut 請: The Invitation, an NFT project and community for rediscovering Hong Kong through exclusive and reality-bending events, and engagements with the city’s most unique characters, all while preserving Hong Kong’s most significant historical assets on the blockchain. Genesis collectors will be invited to a series of immersive experiences that unlock the city’s vibrant history and culture, authentically brought to life by Douglas Young, G.O.D., and Artifact Labs.

Artifact Labs and GOD. are committed to showcasing web3’s potential as a heritage platform by telling Hong Kong’s most famous stories in the metaverse. The partnership will also serve as a marquee project in Hong Kong’s drive to become a global virtual assets hub.

Commenting on the partnership, the Founder and CEO of Artifact Labs, Gary Liu said, “We are honored to be G.O.D.’s web3 partner and to bring their iconic designs and archive of Hong Kong artifacts onto the blockchain. The fabric of Hong Kong is perfect for metaverse-enabled storytelling, and we are excited for this project’s connection between on-chain assets and IRL experiences.”

Douglas Young, founder and creative force behind Goods of Desire shares this passion; “This is a great opportunity to preserve Hong Kong culture in an innovative manner. The Metaverse gives us a boundless platform to further promote and shape future experiences with these cultural heritage assets. We are confident that Artifact Labs is the ideal partner to help make this happen.”