3.0 verse launches eth15, index of Ethereum monitored by Index Governance Committee

Mr. Joseph Massey, MD & CEO, 3.0 verse.

3.0 verse, subsidiary of Ticker, provides multi-market trade routing platform to users in domestic and global markets along with knowledge and education facilities through 3.0 wire, 3.0 university and 3.0 tv. The 3.0 verse, which is a Global Super App for digital asset universe, offering knowledge, awareness, information, and data platform for blockchain, metaverse and digital assets to its user and aids in informed investing/trading decision making, announced the launch of its most awaited index of Ethereum Ecosystem – eth15.

The eth15 is a broad-based index by market capitalization representing Ethereum – the second largest blockchain with more than 3,000 coins. The Base Value of the index is set at 10,000 with its Base Date as July 1, 2022 and rebalanced every quarter.

The eth15, which is the second market benchmark index after IC15 from 3.0 verse, which was launched on January 3, 2022. In line with the market benchmark index IC15, eth15 is a transparent and rule-based index which is maintained, monitored, and administered by its Index Governance Committee comprising of industry experts, academicians, and ex-regulators.

Over the past years, the blockchain has been the basic facilitating framework for plenty of use-cases, mostly represented by coins. The advantages derived through smart contracts and decentralised application without downtime, fraud, control, or interference from a third party. The eth15, the index of Ethereum Ecosystem, is designed for tracking the market fundamentals and expected to be a lead indicator for economic value added to the global economy.

Ether15 has been designed with the objective of:

  • Being the true benchmark and a mirror of the underlying crypto market – a barometer of the industry in a sense, with a diversified representation of overall market sentiments.
  • Presenting an easy solution to follow for having a diversified portfolio.
  • Acting as a performance benchmark for fund managers.
  • Facilitating accurate replication of the index and be the preferred index for creation of index linked products like index funds, ETFs, etc.
  • Uniquely positioning the index for efficient derivatives trading in the cryptocurrency trading marketplace.
eth15 Basket
Oct-Dec 2022 Symbol Weights*
Polygon MATIC 22.79
Shiba Inu SHIB 14.56
Uniswap UNI 13.18
Chainlink LINK 8.81
Cronos CRO 5.17
VeChain VET 4.17
Chiliz CHZ 4.05
Quant QNT 4.02
Chain XCN 2.96
Theta Network THETA 2.59
The Sandbox SAND 2.55
Maker MKR 1.87
Fantom FTM 1.34
The Graph GRT 1.25
* as on Nov 15, 2022

“With the launch of the most coveted index from the 3.0 verse, eth15, we intend to reiterate our continued commitment for enhancing the crypto and blockchain ecosystem decision making based on the updated, unbiased, and upright global knowledge. We want all global participants to utilize, to the fullest, this research-oriented, technology-powered opportunity that we present to them for tracking the market. 3.0 verse is positioned to partner with industry stakeholders to help them taking informed decision based on knowledge, research, and information. eth15 is another step towards this goal. The resilience of this ether index is also seen in a recent Ethereum merger event during the second week of September 2022; while this index was down by nearly 17% compared with 30% fall in Ethereum coin. Another interesting feature of the index is being very well diversified as no single coin is having a dominating weight,” said Joseph Massey, MD & CEO, 3.0 verse.

Mr. Joseph Massey, MD & CEO, 3.0 verse.
Mr. Joseph Massey, MD & CEO, 3.0 verse.