10th Global Blockchain Congress officially take place in Vietnam

On July 11th & 12th, 2022, the 10th Global Blockchain Congress is being held in Hanoi, Vietnam. This version for Southeast Asia will be organised by Agora in collaboration with V2B LabsD.Lion and the Vietnam Blockchain Union under the auspices of the Vietnam Digital Communications Association.

The Blockchain Congress is a closed-door congress between investors and hand-picked blockchain projects looking to raise funds. This exclusive event comprises more than 100+ investors with a combined budget of over 5 Billion dollars and only 20 blockchain startups will be introduced to the investors, leveraging the prime and top-quality of this congress. The Global Blockchain Conference is a world-class event, bringing high quality and value to all parties, therefore the investors and especially startup projects will be carefully selected. This brings together qualified investors (VCs, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, Crypto Funds and High Networth Individuals) with Digital Assets Startups through a series of pre-scheduled and pre-arranged one-on-one meetings and having the possibility of reaching an agreement immediately at the meeting. The Blockchain Congress also has the presence of insightful speakers in the blockchain industry.

Centralise in Top CryptoTrends in 2022 

Recently, the Play2earn model and Metaverse are still being predicted to be the “next big thing” in the future. At this 10th edition, the participating projects will be diverse from DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, to Metaverse. Especially, this 10th event will have 10 discussion sessions taking place throughout the event and each will discuss about the hottest and most concerned topic in the blockchain world today such as: MetaFi, Web3, the Future of NFTs, ..being presented by insightful speakers in the blockchain industry. These topics promise to bring an explosive event for the blockchain space in 2022.

Vietnam, the next destination as an emerging potential market

Vietnam is considered by the world as a potential market for Blockchain technology development. Of the top 200 blockchain companies in the world, Vietnam is proudly in the group of five leading countries in blockchain technology with the index of acceptance of this new technology, five times higher than in the U.S. Hence, opportunities are opening up for Vietnamese businesses. With the best growth potential in the region, Global Blockchain Congress chose Viet Nam as the next destination to fire the first shot in Asia due to its potential market for Blockchain technology development.

As predicted in 2022, the number of Southeast Asia-focused venture capital funds will put more effort into early stage investments in Vietnam. Moreover, in the field of Blockchain technology, Vietnam has also emerged as an industry phenomenon with a st̀ream of first-class projects and this is the main point why the 10th Global Blockchain will take place in this astonishing country.

A highly anticipated and meaningful event for Blockchain Vietnam and Asia

This first-rate event will have companionship with V2B Labs, D.Lion and Vietnam Blockchain Union as co-hosts, under the auspices of the Vietnam Digital Communications Association, a social-professional organisation of people working in the field of digital media, representing and enhancing Vietnamese values in this global event.

Global Blockchain Congress shows its prestige with the presence of reputable investors, which have been specified in the latest event in Dubai. The 9th event succeeded with flying colors by the participation of favored VCs/Partners such as: Octopus Network, Kyber Network, X21, VBI, YGG SEA, MoonKnight Labs, KardiaChain, Tomochain, etc, enchanting a series of start-ups to dive in and raise funds. This 10th edition, with the engagement of numerous high-valued partners (VDCA, MoonKnights), golden sponsors and qualified VCs such as GFS Ventures, YGG SEA, NewTribe Capital, CryptoClear, Binance SEA, Blockchain Founders Fund, Hobbit Investment, x21 Capital, Near Protocol, MoonKnight Labs, Bluewheel Capital, Vulcan Forged, and many other. The GBC is being highly expected to flourish and succeed, opening a gateway for entrepreneurs to spread out their projects into the crypto space.

Besides the co-host and strategic partners, Global Blockchain Congress also has a presence of notable sponsors from all around the universe such as Prasaga, FOTA as global sponsors, Creo Engine, Open Food Chain as gold sponsors, Titan of Wars, Payfoot, Sazsming as silver sponsors and bronze Sponsors are Taroverse, Silverlight, bringing the greatest value for all parties involved.